About Us

The CRI Network Ltd was established in January 2017 and was born from the non-profit, non-denominational CRI Network which was established in April 2012.  The Network supports the delivery of CRI programs in the Ipswich and Southern Somerset regions, with a vision to have excellent quality CRI trained Instructors and Assistants available for every school in these regions and to expand this service throughout Queensland.

With endorsement from the Ipswich Christian Ministers Fellowship and Southern Somerset Inter-Church Council and support from individual Christians and many churches in the region, the Network aims to lift the profile of CRI by empowering volunteer CRI Instructors by providing free training, necessary resources and support. The Network employs Area Coordinators, a Managing Director, an administration assistant and an Operations Manager, in a part time capacity, to complement and encourage the work of the volunteers and expand the CRI programs to more schools.

The CRI Network Ltd is a registered charity, an endorsed tax deductible gift fund and is supported by a Board made up leaders from various Church Denominations. The CRI Network Ltd reports directly to the Board and our leadership team consists of a number of dedicated and passionate leaders from local churches, all united in this common vision.

We also work closely with the Queensland Christian Religious Network.  Information regarding QCRIN can be found at www.qcrin.org.au

Religious Instructors Prepare for Another Year of Delivering the Message of Christ in

Queensland Schools

Please Click here to access the full article as printed in the Catholic Leader February 5th 2018.