Training and Workshops

The Essentials workshop is for new Instructors and Assistants plus existing religious instructors who have never completed this training. It covers all of the essentials of being a religious instructor and includes the follow topics:
 - Student Protection Training (as required by QLD Ed Act)
-  Faith-based approved training (as required by QLD Ed Act)
-  QLD Education Act information
-  explanation of the mentoring process
-  understanding the school environment
-  preparations before entering the classroom

Experienced Instructors workshop

This is included on the same day for our experienced Instructors and Assistants where they will be able to access a range of material presented by experienced presenters on a variety of subjects pertaining to Christian Religious Instruction.

Click here to register for our next Training Day on Monday the 24th September 2018 from 9am - 2:30 pm or part thereof.  Venue to be confirmed.

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Please see the calendar page for more info on when our next Essentials workshop is being held.