Annual Commissioning Service

At the beginning of each year, we encourage the volunteer Instructors and Assistants into the field with a blessing from the Church body and friends and family who give great support to them throughout the year.  The task of an Instructor and Assistant is a ministry which is not taken lightly by those at CRI Network and we continue to offer support to those who are challenged to make a difference in young people's lives throughout this great state of Queensland.

Commissioning Services

Last year's Commissioning Service for all Instructors and Assistants was held on Saturday the 10th February 2018 at St Mary's Catholic Church in Ipswich.  We had a fantastic turnout and were honoured to have with us Ministers from the local region and a local member of parliament as well. All who attended were truly blessed.

On Saturday 9th February, 2019 we look forward to having the CRI Commissioning service at St John's Lutheran Church, 32 Roderick St, Ipswich. All Christian Religious Instructors, family, friends and supporters are invited to join this special service.